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Where do YOU shop? -Jenna Von Lish

While clothes may not be directly responsible for "making the woman", one can't deny the direct correlation between a good pair of shoes and perfectly accessorized outfit to a boost in a woman's self confidence.  Retail therapy is real and the force is strong with this young Jedi! For some of you seasoned Pinups you may know all the tricks of the trade and where to get those cool retro and repro items...if that's the case, think of this list as a backup plan in case you need it! For you youngins' that are just starting your love of the vintage and pinup culture here's a break down of retro and repro brands with brief descriptions and price points!
*The most obvious choice would be thrift and resale shops but this ones tricky because you need to things 1. Time and 2. A good set of eyes! My secret ...venture to the gaudiest patterns you see, that's where I usually start treasure hunting ;) 
*If you're pressed for time or just aren't fond of digging through other people's old stuff the rest of this list is an online paradise for you tech-savvy retro babes:
1. PinupGirl Clothing-www.pinupgirlclothing.com Probably one of the most popular places, they've got great fit, comfort, and patterns. A bit pricey but the quality is amazing! Also, if you sign up for emails you'll be notified of holiday sales which is a great time to grab all the unicorns that would normally seem out of price range! 
2. Oblong Box Shop-www.theoblongboxshop.com Moderately priced, their skirts and patterns are my favorite! 
3. Bettie Page-www.bettiepage.com Still on the pricey side but dreamy fabrics. Make sure you read the sizing appropriately!
4. Lindy Bop-www.lindybopusa.com Catch them running a sale and you can find gorgeous dresses normally $60-$80 for $20! Great fit and fun and classic designs.
5. Collectif-https://www.collectif.co.uk A great 1940/1950s vintage reproduction line always available and pretty decent prices!
6. Mischief Made Me-www.etsy.com/shop/MischiefMadeMe  Yuri designs some of the greatest and comfiest pinup tees around! 
7. Vintage Galeria-http://vintagegaleria.com They actually have a storefront in California if you're ever out that way but you can grab their great designs online as well. Great patterns and great prices!
8. Modcloth-www.modcloth.com Here you can get anything from dresses to shoes to home goods in that vintage reproduction feel. Prices go from low to pretty steep for a repro. Evening gown. 
9. WWW.Vivadulcemarina.com-prices range from moderate to high, they carry lots of other brands like hell bunny, tons of fun patterns and tiki inspired goods!
10. LeBombShop-www.lebombshop.com A new favorite because the style and quality is great and you can get entire outfits for under $65
11. Vixen by Micheline Pitt- www.etsy.com/shop/VixenbyMichelinePitt So the badass behind Pinupgirl Clothing's amazing Deadly Dames collection (with patterns like the Venus Flytrap) branched out solo and has her own new project with even more amazing prints! Fun tshirts with cute slogans and great circle skirts in cute prints for the inner bad girl in all of us!
Handmade Favorite Shops:
1. Dainty Rascal-www.etsy.com/shop/Daintyrascal   Holy amazingness you've gotta see her stuff! Reproduction Marilyn Monroe Gowns if you're ever in the alley for one could run you a pretty penny but she's got other amazing pieces at great rates or the option to buy the pattern of your skilled in sewing!
2. Bows By Samantha Rose-www.bowsbysamantharose.bigcartel.com Don't let the name fool you this girl does way more than bows. Custom pieces in great fabrics and prints and good prices! 
Favorite Accessory Shops- 
1. Cliptacular Creations-www.etsy.com/shop/CliptacularCreations Any imaginable hair piece you could dream up Mrs. Achaisha can bring to life! Also cute bows and jewelry options! Great price and handmade in Texas!                                        
2. Atomic Luna-www.atomicluna.etsy.com An entire line of retro reproduction jewelry with earrings, brooches, sweater clips, necklaces and more! Great price and handmade in Texas! 
3. Ribbons and Rockabilly-www.etsy.com/shop/RibbonsandRockabilly Anything from a basic to custom piece she can do it. She's got great one of a kind playing card blossom pieces!
4. Miss Fluff- www.missfluff.com Her style and art graces accessories, tees, purses and check covers or you can pick up an original print! 
You can also be sneaky and search these brands on eBay if you're an avid ebayer just beware of imposters from other countries, read the fine print and ensure you're getting an original piece not a knockoff! Hope everyone has an awesome week!
If you guys have any questions or any other topics you're interested in me covering email me at jennavonlish@gmail.com

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