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Retro Hot Spots in Texas by Jenna Von Lish!

The 1950's saw the birth of the credit card, Rock & Roll and the transistor radio. Poodle Skirts and Petticoats etch an era in our mind that we (the pinup & rockabilly culture) live & love! Thankfully, even in a State known for boots and cowboy hats we aren't alone friends. There are still some incredibly amazing "frozen in time" retro spots scattered throughout our Lone Star State just waiting for y'all to explore. I've compiled a list of some of my favorite spots for you guys to add to your road trips. Xoxo-Jenna
Shops-When people realize that I'm not wearing a "costume" and that I do indeed dress like this daily, the next question is where do you get those cool clothes? While online shopping provides both efficiency and ease, you can't beat the customer service in a good old face to face transaction at one of these amazing shops:
1. Retropolis-321 W. 19th Street Houston, TX
2. Dallas Pinup-2928 Main St. #102 Dallas, TX
3. Broadway Pinups-3619 Broadway St. San Antonio
4. The Wandering Flamingo-212 N. Main St. Ste.A Bryan, TX
Food-Good Ol' American burgers and shakes are just the beginning of the deliciousness that awaits you at these grub spots!
1. Yesterday's 50's Diner-305 US 380 Bridgeport TX...from the ambiance to the food and employees this place is top-notch! They've got annual car shows and weekly cruise ins. Follow them online at:
2. Dolli's Diner-116 S. Pecan St. Nacogdoches 
3. Hut's Hamburgers-807 W. 6th Street Austin
4. Another Time Soda Fountain-800 3rd Street Rosenberg TX
5. Owl Drug Store- 312 S. Commercial Ave Coleman, TX
Cool Must-See Spots-
1. Dicks Classic Garage-120 Stagecoach Trail, San Marcos The most impressive collection of automobiles under one roof. Grab a tour or book an amazing photoshoot with Staff photographer Trent Sherrill
2. Hemi Hideout-1172 Wilpitz Road, Brookshire TX 
3. Bowlounge-167 Turtle Creek Blvd. Dallas, TX a vintage bowling alley/bar and grill
Tiki Bars- Though tiki culture in the U.S. Really started in the 30's I'm not one to argue with a good rum drink and these spots are reminiscent of those good old days!
1. Lei Low Bar-6412 N Main Street Houston TX 
2. Volcano Room-4650 NASA Parkway, SeaBrook TX 
3. Isla-208 W. 4th Street Austin TX
Soda Shops-
1. La Kings Confectionery-2323 Strand St Galveston TX no trip to the beach is complete without a stop here at this 1920s soda fountain/candy bar 
2. Highland Park Soda Fountain-3229 Knox Street Dallas TX 
3. Jefferson General Store-113 East Austin St. Jefferson, TX 

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