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Pin Ups Giving Back! -Jenna Von Lish

For most, the pinup and rockabilly community is more than just a "scene" It's our way of life. One that brings together and bonds people often over red lipstick, hair pomade and classic car love. But there's something very special about us retro-loving fools too...we LOVE our communities. I've met more people that would give me the shirt off their back in this last year running the Texas State Chapter of Pinups for Patriots. So I've decided to highlight some of those "Give-back" & Non-Profit groups that are out there across Texas doing work and looking fine while they're at it! For all of you looking for a way to get involved and give back check these great organizations out!
1.) Pinups for Patriots Inc.https://www.facebook.com/pinupsforpatriots 
Instagram: @pinupsforpatriots
I run the Texas Chapter of this amazing non-profit and we are an elite group of Pinups whose mission is to honor and serve our nation’s military, veterans, first responders and their families by supporting and creating unique programs and events that will inspire our nation, foster patriotism, and raise awareness for post traumatic stress disorder.​​ 
2.) The Luscious Ladies- -More Specifically The Houston Luscious Ladies (of which I'm also a member of!)
Instagram: @houstonlusciousladies
"The Luscious Ladies is a social group of ladies who cherish and live a retrolifestyle. We aspire to be a positive force with in the community in which we live. The Luscious Ladies support small business with in our rockabilly culture and volunteer our time to raise money for local charity organization with in each chapters community. We truly are about supporting each other and sharing our love of all things vintage with others.”
3.) The Benefit Bettie's-
With a motto of "Doing good while looking good" you can't go wrong with this group of ladies. From standing up for animal protection rights to mailing packages to our troops these gals are giving back all over the community. 
4.) Texas Modified Dolls-
The Modified Dolls is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization based in Illinois. We have affiliated chapters and building chapters all over the world. The goal of The Modified Dolls and our chapters is to erase the negative stereotypes associated with modified women by doing charity work. We provide fundraising, volunteerism and awareness to pre-selected Charities of the Month as well as other organizations selected by individual chapters. We are the Different Making A Difference!
5.)  Heels for Combat Boots-Texas
Instagram: @heelsforcombatboots
HFCB sets out to assist our Servicemen and women with PTSD/TBI (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Traumatic Brain Injury). We assist with helping these individuals adjust back into the world of civilian life, connect them with the correct outreach and treatment programs, help with their day to day struggles and issues, volunteer at veteran events and help our veterans get back involved with the things they enjoy and introduce them to new experiences.
Don't Forget:
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