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Pin Up of the Month for February 2018, Miss Calamity Rose!

What's up you cool cats and kittens?  Yes, It's been a while but we are taking our Ratrodz N Pinup of the month feature out of hiatus! So guess what that means? YES, we're excited to announce our first Pin Up of the Month of 2018, Miss Calamity Rose!  Let's welcome her as our featured February Pin Up of the Month.  We had the pleasure of working with her at our recent photo shoot and she's as sweet as can be!  Let's find out a little more about his doll, shall we?

  1. Why Pin up? I’ve loved vintage style clothing since I can remember, and I was always attracted to the confidence and elegance of pinups. I had always toyed with classic 1940s and 50s looks, but I didn’t start dressing the part every day until about two years ago. Pinup and vintage style truly makes me happy and excited to get ready every day. I feel confident in my own skin largely from discovering pinup culture.

  2. What is your favorite era that inspires your pin up look? My favorite era for nearly everything style-wise is the 1940s. I love the streamlined styles, the body-hugging dresses and the classic wavy hair. Everything about the 1940s is so effortlessly chic. I also love the 1950s sweater girl era. Simple sexiness at its finest.

  3. Favorite music? My favorite music spans a lot of different genres. I would say I have more favorite artists than a favorite type of music. Some of my favorites are the Cramps, JD McPherson, Billie Holiday, My Bloody Valentine, Bjork, Kitty Wells and Hank Williams.

  4. Favorite song? My favorite song is “Prayers for Rain” by the Cure, because my heart is black and dead inside.

  5. You can have any classic car, what would you choose? If I could have any classic car, it would be a seafoam green and white two-tone 1955 Chevy Bel-Air.

  6. Guilty pleasure? My guilty pleasure is always candy. I can’t eat just one piece. I don’t even know what that means.

  7. Your pin up inspiration? I’m inspired by classic Hollywood beauties like Jean Harlow, Marlene Dietrich and Veronica Lake. I’m also inspired by curvier girls of the 1950s like Jayne Mansfield, since I’m a curvy girl myself.

  8. What is something near and dear to you (charitable effort, or cause) that you would you like to bring attention to? Being an elementary teacher by day, I am very passionate about education and finding new ways to fund projects, build classroom libraries, and to create new facilities for kids who need them. DonorsChoose.org is a website that allows teachers to create their own fundraisers for classroom or school needs. I’d like to encourage others to consider browsing Donors Choose and to help kids in local schools receive the supplies they need to be successful.

Photo by Rob Espinosa AKA @luchaagogo on Instagram

Photo by Bruna Dora Photography 

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