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Jenna Von Lish - Strike a Pose!

Strike A Pose...
You've all been there...terrible family portrait sessions where everyone matches and if little Timmy would just stop screaming you could get one usable photo for that Christmas card....or if you grew up in South Texas you might have one of those wicked cool mall shots with the neon lights behind you...or Glamour Shots -no one could forget the 'tease it to Jesus' hairdos and faux carpeted rock poses. Think of the dollars and time spent in creating those images so you can freeze a moment in time. Now erase those horrid memories and think of how wonderful it would be to combine fun and style and come away with some of the best photos you've ever owned? I know some of you nay-Sayers are done, you've stopped reading...you're like she's obviously never met the chaos that is my family or me...you're already making excuses of how photogenic you're not. STOP!!! Every single person owes it to them self to have a pinup photo session at some point in their life....family or solo. There are countless possibilities to do some fun family rockabilly/retro styled shoots and if you're looking for a unique treat for yourself or special gift for that someone in your life a solo pinup shoot will leave you feeling fabulous! One of the things I hear a lot in this field is "I need to loose X amount of pounds then I'll do it." To all of those people ...NO! Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. You don't have to look or be a certain way to do pinup. Even better, the photographers I've worked with take their time to help pose you and often provide wardrobe assistance so that you get images that you'll love for a lifetime. If you're still not sold...head to Pinterest or just google pinup pictures, pinup poses or pinup family photos if you're looking for a group. You can always recreate images or shoot your creative ideas to the photographer and watch your idea take life! Many offer payment plans and run special discounted rates if cost is what's holding you back. Seriously, give up that Starbucks or fast food and do this. You'll thank me! I've compiled a list of some of my favorites in Texas as well as their online Instagram handles so you can follow on Social Media! Go turn that Madonna up and start practicing those smiles in front of a mirror!! As always, If there's something you have a question about or want to read about "Dear Jenna" it over to me at jennavonlish@gmail.com 
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Texas Pinup Photographers:
Houston-Dahl Baby Pinups @dahlbabypinups
Austin-Wicked Hailey Photography @wickedhailey 
San Antonio- Lone Star Vixen Photography @lonestarvixenphotography
San Marcos-Trent Sherrill Photography @trentsherrill 
Lucky Devil Pinups @luckydevilpinups
Dallas- Soliz Images Photography @deliciousdollsmagazine 
DFW area- Charlie Girl Photography @charliegirlphotography 
Dynamite Dames- @dynamitedames 
Temple-Lone Star Pinup @lonestarpinup

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