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Jenna Von Lish Blog #5! Curls, Curls, Curls!

Curls, Curls, Curls!         
 If you're anything like me, you gaze at the perfectly sculpted do's of the likes of MissRockabilly Ruby and Cherry Dollface on social media and wonder why you're so retro hair challenged! The perfect volume, the perfect curl and then when you watch you tube to recreate it and it's a total Pinterest fail=my life! Never fear! I've created a quick, minimal effort list of my top 5 Quick Vintage Go-To Hairstyles (complete with secrets) so that you to can achieve that vintage vibe at home <3                                 
  5 Quick Vintage Hairstyles-
First tip to any of these is do not use freshly cleaned hair....you will always achieve better results with day old, dirty hair...sorry germ freaks it's true...a little extra dirty wins in this case! Also, I genuinely am horrible at curling irons/wands so I cheat and use hot rollers or light wet set with foam rollers...but feel free to use whatever curl style you're comfortable with. If you've never attempted then try both ways and see which works best for you! I have bleached blonde hair so in order to get the volume to stay I have to set them the night before and use extra strong hairspray for all u other goldilocks out there! 
Rosie the Riveter-a Classic red bandana or headscarf, a quick little pin curl and a messy bun or updo this is a staple for errands days! Start with your curls then when you are set, part your "bang" area with a U section for the pin curl then ponytail up the rest of your hair. Take the section you left for your pin curl and tease the root to give it some volume. Roll it around your fingers until you've got a cute curl to bobbypin to your head! Use the ponytail to either create a messy bun or roll sections into curls and Bobby pin them down for a sort of faux fluffy poodle top. Wrap your bandana or scarf on and secure with Bobby pins and await the adoring stares of everyone whose path you cross today!
1940s Gibson Roll- cheat, cheat, cheat...I found this neat little contraption at Walgreens for $4 and it produces a great Gibson roll in under 5 minutes...throw a pinup hair flower on the side and bam - glam! Follow the directions on the box placing the rubber part on your bangs and tuck your hair to cover the roll...I have blonde hair and this brown roll works just fine because the hair hides it completely! 
1950s headscarf-You can't mess up a headscarf...seriously, side sweep your front locks (even if you don't have bangs) put the remainder up In a ponytail and secure your favorite headscarf on with some bobbypins!
Faux poodle- While I haven't perfect Lucille Ball's style and grace, I like to fake this do out with my bumper bangs (as noted above). But really you could hold your hair in a low ponytail after your curls have set and twist the lower portion into a French twist and pin in place leaving all the curls wild on your head. Pin those wild curls in place up top to give you a nice full coif Darlin' and you'll be the belle of the ball everywhere you go! 
Bumper bangs- cheat, cheat, cheat again :) I'm a fan of short cuts. Never in a million years would I have had the confidence to perform this hairstyle had it not been for Cherry Dollface. She glammed me up into retro Barbie for a shoot with Dahl Baby Pinups this summer and I watched her pull this yellow foam thing out of her kit and POW! I had immediate bumper bangs.  Section off the front portion of your hair in a sort of triangle...you need enough to fully cover the foam. This may take a couple try's don't get discouraged doll you CAN do this!! Place the foam roll at the very end of your hair (just like you were rolling) and roll towards your forehead. Secure in place with bobbypins...sometimes I go for a more tight "U" look sometimes just a straight loose bang across. As for the rest of your locks...the options are endless! You can brush some of the other curls out and leave down, you could ponytail and faux poodle the rest, you could do a little French twist in the back and bobbypin down some pieces on the top in curls to get fancy...play with it make it your own...I wanna see pics though so email them to me at jennavonlish@gmail.com for a chance at being featured on our pages!

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