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Hi Ya'll! It's Jenna Von Lish!

Do you LOVE all things retro, pinup, vintage and tiki? If you answered "YES" We are going to get along just grand! My name is Jenna Von Lish and I'm going to be checking in here weekly with new blogs! We're going to cover everything from pinup fashion to social events like car shows and tiki bars and everything in between! You're probably asking yourself whose this broad and what does she know? Well, I'm so glad you asked! I'm the Texas State Leader for a non-profit called Pinups For Patriots so I spend the bulk of my time organizing and running events that help Texas military, veterans, first responders and their families. Outside of that I'm a model, an actress, an avid thrifter, a mom to 2 teens, and a rum loving pirate...those last 2 might be closely related ha!  You may have seen me in magazines or most recently in a music video that was just released starring Chuck Norris, the man, the myth, the legend. FYI he actually tells the best Chuck Norris facts, funnier than any meme youve seen!  I'm an 80's baby, but my entire life was spent loving all things retro. When most kids my age were busy watching Honey, I Shrunk the Kids....I was re-watching my Grease VHS for the millionth time! Dont get me wrong I still had Debbie Gibson dance parties BUT you were more likely to find me singing in a hair brush to Leslie Gore or The Go-Go's.  I always idolized the females from the past, my favorite being Marilyn Monroe. One of my most treasured items is actually the very first Playboy with Marilyn on the cover! So enough about me, except I have to warn you.. You're probably going to read me write ya'll way too much and any other Southern nuances you could think of (maybe even some you didnt know existed). I'm looking forward to interacting with ya'll both online and I hope to see you at an event with my Rat Rodz & Pinup family soon! xoxo-Jenna

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