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Miss Betty Santiago our February Pin up of the Month!

Betty Santiago! 
Astrological Sign: 
Wild, fiery leo

8 hour road trip, what CD do you bring?
Pretty much EVERYTHING Meteors and P. Paul Fenech!!! (That man is a musical genius!)
I'm a music FANATIC and I play music all day, everyday! It'd be difficult to narrow it down to just one.... If I had to, it'd be a mix of Psychobilly, Punk, West Coast Rap, Rockabilly, Oldies, Ska, Old School and of course 80's! 

Car of choice? 
I currently own a few classic cars that I am restoring with my husband. Easier said than done.
We own a '64 Ford Fairlane, '49 Plymouth Business Coupe, and a '70 Plymouth Satellite.
The '70 Plymouth is an old cop car with the license plates that read, "661BLY". It's dirty and sketchy looking, definitely a fun car to drive! 

You're a tiki drink, what are you called? 
If I were a tiki drink, I'd be called Sweet Trouble!! I'm a sweet gal but if you know me you know that if you're around me you're in for at least a little trouble!! And my kind of trouble is FUN!

Low and slow or hot rod hellcat?
Low and slow baby! Up to no go in style with my man by my side.

Favorite pastime?
I tend to juggle many things at once but the thing I cherish the most is family time! I always make sure to make time for them.
Taking my children out to the movies and theme parks or having date night with husband by having dinner and catching live music!
I love it and it balances me.

Words to live by? 
You only live once.

Favorite lipstick color? 
Gosh, there are so many... but if I couldn't live without one, it'd be Ruby Woo from Mac. ?
Pinup Inspiration?
Betty Page of course! A pin-up pioneer.
I love her perfect blend of wholesomeness mixed with bondage. 
Cause your passionate about?
I am a licensed California real estate agent with Re/Max.
We have a Community Outreach Program that sponsors seniors in high school scholarship awards for continuing education. I love being a part of this committee. As a parent, I understand how important education really is. We will be awarding yet again within the next few months.
http://remaxallpro.com/calendar/remax-all-pro-community-outreach-scholarship/   to learn more! 

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