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Ratrodz N Pinup of December! Oh Lovely Miss T!

Welcome Oh Lovely Miss T to our Ratrodz N Pinup of the Month Series! Miss December!  You've seen Oh Lovely Miss T on various feeds, photo shoots and as one of the pin ups featured in our first photo shoot by DC Imagery.  Want to know a little more about this kitten, well look no further!    

Astrological Sign: 

I'm a Scorpio of course.


8 hour road trip, what CD do you bring?

Hmmmm if I could only bring one it would have to be a little mix of Etta Jones, Alkaline Trio, tiger army, Rosie and the original and of course the stray cats. 


Car of choice? I'm absolutely in love with the 1957 Cadillac Series 62 convertible ❤️


You're a tiki drink, what are you called? 

Hmmm mine would probably the lovely tsunami, it would be sweet and smooth but also wreak havoc... Aka panty dropper drink lol. 


Low and slow or hot rod hellcat?


Low and slow, if I owned that Caddy I'd make sure people got a good look.


Favorite pastime?

Unfortunately I'm not artsy, but I do love movies and live bands so my favorite pastime is either movie watching cozy at home or going out to watch a live band. Also picking up a good book.


Words to live by?

Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind -Dr Seuss 


Favorite lipstick color?  Red 


Pin Up inspiration? 

Jayne Mansfield and of course Marylyn Monroe.


Thanks to the lovely Oh Lovely Miss T for her continued support and keep posted to Ratrodz N Pinups for more photos of this lovely doll! 

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