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Our First Ever Ratrodz N Pinup of the month! Lady Lipstick!

Meet Lady Lipstick AKA Sarah Gordon, our first Pinup of the month!  This feature gives a voice to the pinups we feature on our social media accounts and an opportunity to meet the gals behind the glam! We don't know about you, but we think there's nothing sexier than a pin up with a cause!  Check out our Q&As with Lady Lipstick...she's the cat's meow! 


Astrological Sign: My sign is an Aquarius. I was born 2 ½ hours after Valentine’s Day. I always say, “I am pretty sweet, but just not sweet enough.”  


8 hour road trip, what CD do you bring? I’m more of a radio junkie! What most don’t know about me is, I’ve loved music since I was a small child. I started singing when I was 3 years old, in choirs, honor-choir and did solos. So on an 8 hour road trip you would hear me singing along with almost any song on the radio. I know all the words to most songs, can sing them in the right key, just don’t ask me the name of the song, or who sings it. haha


Car of choice? I love a lot of different “cars” and I’ve had some pretty amazing cars. I currently have a fully restored ‘31 Ford Roadster. I did a photoshoot with it this year for a “Hot Rod Magazine” and it should be coming out in the next year or so. I also have a costume ‘47 Ford Truck on bags which won “Best Custom” at the Black Ice Car & Bike show this year. I had a convertible Porsche 911 for my daily driver, which was fun and fast. I recently traded it in for a 2015 Jeep Wrangler fully loaded and custom with a 3” lift. I haven’t been “off-roading”, yet. 


You're a tiki drink, what are you called? – Gosh… I don’t do anything ½ ass. So, if I am going to name a drink after myself, it would take me a good month to come up with the name. I’ll have to get back to you on that one.


Low and slow or hot rod hellcat?  Hot Rod “Hellcat” all the way. I love to go fast!


Favorite pastime? Car shows, car show and did I mention car shows? I also love parties and dancing. If there is a car show party with dancing, then even better. I also enjoy working hard, and education. In 2010 I earned my Masters’ Degree and started my PhD. 


In 2012, I started a Medical Research company where I employ 12 medical professionals we conduct pharmaceutical and medical device trials for FDA approval. I really enjoy working hard, doing quality work and creating jobs. 


I recently started “Dolls for Health”, we are a group of Pin-Up’s who work in the health field. We have a 2016 Calendar coming out. All the Dolls in the Calendar will be wearing their lab coat or nurse uniform, “Hello Nurse!”. We also hold free health screenings for the community. The company does not keep any of the profits to the calendar but the proceeds of the Calendar goes to help these young ladies pay for their education and create awareness of free health screenings. I also assist in resume building, interviewing skills, and providing job references for the “Dolls for Health” to find employment in the medical field. 


Words to live by? “If you want anything done, do it yourself” “Don’t accept 2nd best” “When things get hard, try harder!”


Favorite lipstick color? Do I have to choose just one? I have 6 MAC lipsticks in my purse right now. I often like doing a combo of a pink in the middle and dark red on the edges. I read that’s how Marilyn Monroe’s makeup artist did hers.


Are you interested in being one of our featured Pin ups?  Keep tagging us and sending those pictures to our IG and Facebook accounts and we'll be in touch!   

  • Pinupworship says...

    Great feature! Love knowing a bit more about the gorgeous gals!!

    On Nov 09, 2015

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