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Thanks Miss Tracy Fant and DCImagery!

Howdy y'all, just another day in the South Texas! Just thought we'd take some time to thank some people who have really helped get this Ratrodz N Pinups thing off the ground.  Thanks to the lovely Miss Tracy Fant & Donnie Chartier DCImagery for the amazing photo shoot.  Thanks to all of the lovely ladies that took part, Miss Veronica Velvet, Oh Lovely Miss T,  Kitty Von Rose, Miss Sofia Arvidson and the lovely Audrie Loraine.  (All will be featured on our website in the next few days so do yourself a favor and keep posted)  Also wouldn't be Ratrodz N Pinups without the rats!  Thanks to the cool cats who loaned their custom rides for the day and got to witness these lovely ladies firsthand.  I can't think of a better way to enjoy some beer!  

Thanks to all of our customers!   We've had our issues getting this internet thing up and appreciate your patience.  Let us know what you think and keep checking in for updates on inventory that we know you'll love.  Don't forget to follow us on IG, FB, and Twitter! 

  • WilliamRat says...

    Im grateful for the forum topic.Really thank you! Awesome. Heutmaker

    On May 24, 2016

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