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Downbeat Drag Magazine Submission info

  Hello Guys and Dolls!  Thanks for your interest in submitting to Downbeat Drag, our new magazine that will be available on MagCloud and print, January 2019.   All submissions must meet the following requirements: Images must be 300 DPI  At least 10 images Unpublished images  Full page images, to allow for editing within the layout of the magazine All images must be cleared for use by the photographer / model prior to submission.  If the photos are used, the submitting party will be required to sign a waiver releasing all liability from Downbeat Drag Magazine.  Again, thanks for your interest and if you...

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Pin Up Art! by Jenna Von Lish!

The preparation of our upcoming new Ratrodznpinups design releases by Resident Artist "The Spicy Donut" got us thinking about all of the incredible pinup artists that are out there. Celebrating hourglass curves, a love of tiki drinks and amazing rides these artists turn ordinary ideas into extraordinary pieces of art. So whether you're in the need for something to stare at other than your phone or you've got a desire to update your logo or brand....We wanted to highlight a few of our modern day favorites so y'all can check em' out, give them a follow and continue to support...

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Pin Ups Giving Back! -Jenna Von Lish

For most, the pinup and rockabilly community is more than just a "scene" It's our way of life. One that brings together and bonds people often over red lipstick, hair pomade and classic car love. But there's something very special about us retro-loving fools too...we LOVE our communities. I've met more people that would give me the shirt off their back in this last year running the Texas State Chapter of Pinups for Patriots. So I've decided to highlight some of those "Give-back" & Non-Profit groups that are out there across Texas doing work and looking fine while they're at...

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Jenna Von Lish Blog #5! Curls, Curls, Curls!

Curls, Curls, Curls!           If you're anything like me, you gaze at the perfectly sculpted do's of the likes of MissRockabilly Ruby and Cherry Dollface on social media and wonder why you're so retro hair challenged! The perfect volume, the perfect curl and then when you watch you tube to recreate it and it's a total Pinterest fail=my life! Never fear! I've created a quick, minimal effort list of my top 5 Quick Vintage Go-To Hairstyles (complete with secrets) so that you to can achieve that vintage vibe at home <3            ...

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Jenna Von Lish - Strike a Pose!

Strike A Pose... You've all been there...terrible family portrait sessions where everyone matches and if little Timmy would just stop screaming you could get one usable photo for that Christmas card....or if you grew up in South Texas you might have one of those wicked cool mall shots with the neon lights behind you...or Glamour Shots -no one could forget the 'tease it to Jesus' hairdos and faux carpeted rock poses. Think of the dollars and time spent in creating those images so you can freeze a moment in time. Now erase those horrid memories and think of how wonderful...

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